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Langreder Reisen – a traditional enterprise with future

Everything has started in 1971 in a small framework, when the senior, Willi Langreder, came true a long preserved wish and bought to himself a coach. At that time the business was completed still in the living room of the family Langreder. However, the shops ran well, so that the enterprise expanded more and more. To the division "travel events" were added soon different related sectors, like 1976 the "public transport" and 1983 their own "motor vehicle master `s company" with connected "paint shop" for the own and also for the client`s coaches.
Also exhaust investigations, speedometer inspections and safety examinations for coaches may be accomplished in the house Langreder. The strict, statutory obligations are easy fulfilled.
Since 1984 the enterprise takes its responsibility for the young people and educates them as motor mechanics.
In 1985 began the junior boss, Fr.-W. Langreder, with the international trade of coaches and since then, far beyond of Germany borders from Portugal to Eastern Europe, a good name created itself. Daily inquiries from many countries run in. Particularly appreciated from the buyers is the all-around service which the company Langreder offers.
Langreders always remained true to their place of residence Steimbke: In 1971 was the foundation of a firm in the own farm and later in 1979 a big move occurred in the industrial area of Steimbke on a 10,000-m²-surface. Here developed new, generous halls, a modern furnished workshop area, an own gas station and a bus washing plant as well as office space. These were extended and modernized constantly. 1998 was the year of further enlargement: for the staff meanwhile strong more than 50 heads, the office space, workshop with camp and the parking lot for used penalty were increased again and modernized, thus an area of nearly 20.000 m² is available.
In the context of increasing entrepreneurial success, Langreder Reisen united years ago with other friendly bus tour operators, in order to be able to offer to its guests a still larger pallet of journeys for reasonable prices. In this light connection each enterprise still offers its own journeys. By the common catalogue and the larger circulation area, thereby we can ensure that the least numbers of participants would be reached usually.

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